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Full Circle Apparel is taking sustaoinability to the streets by producing fashionable street and urban wear from hemp fabric and non-toxic dyes. By mixing street art  with augmented reality and gorilla marketing, sustainability becomes an interactive experience. 

Primary Color Pallette

Systainable Red

HEX: #3d1213

RGB: 61, 18, 19

CMYK: 47%, 84%, 74%, 72%

Secondary Color Pallette

Movement White

HEX: #7b1315

RGB: 123, 19, 21

CMYK: 29%, 100%, 100%, 40%

Basic White

HEX: #ffffff

RGB: 225, 225, 225

CMYK: 0%, 0%, 0%, 0%

Basic Black

HEX: #000000

RGB: 0, 0, 0

CMYK: 75%, 68%, 67%, 90%

Apparel Designs

Label and Packaging

All labeling and packaging for Full Circle Apparel is made from biodegradable material and non toxic dyes. Each article of clothing sold comes with a label tag designed as an envelope. The envelope contains gorilla marketing materials for the customer to participate in the interactive experience of the brand, such as information on the new featured artist and a stencil to promote the Full Circle Movement.  There is also a scannable mark to activate the AR experience when combined with the Fll Circle APP.  

As part of the effort tp reduce the waste trail produced by the company, Full Circle Apparel does not have packaging for it’s products. New customers are given tote bags, draw string satchels, etc, with artwork from the featured artist when they shop at Full Circle for the first time. There are also promotional events where bags are given away. Customers can use these bags to put their new merchandise in. If they forget to bring their bags, then they are carrying everything by hand. 

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