Illustrator | Graphic Designer | Web Designer

By working at the intersection between business, creativity, and technology, I aim to develop unique and creative solutions to branding and business needs. Collaboration is key to building innovative and unique experiences. 


With a background in Art, and a degree in design, I work with partners large and small to build business brands and identity that stands out.



Discovery & Research
Strategy Development
Process Optimization
Collaborative Development


Concept Development
User Experience
Web & Mobile Design
Interactive Design
Layout Design


Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe AfterEffects
Mobile & Web



Private Driver, Security, and VIP Services

Branding | Logo Design | Creative Strategy Development | WEb Design | Collateral Design

Royal Knights Transportation is a premium service bringing transportation, security, and VIP services in one place. The project required a rebranding of the company image and identity to appeal to it’s target market, as well as implementing technology and UX to meet company needs and growth. 

Full Circle Apparel

Sustainable Street & Urban Wear

Full Circle Apparel is taking sustaoinability to the streets by producing fashionable street and urban wear from hemp fabric and non-toxic dyes. By mixing street art  with augmented reality and gorilla marketing, sustainability becomes an interactive experience. 


Fashion Design

Hustle Magazine


Hustle Magazine is a publication dedicated to all those who hustle day in and day out. There is no obstacle too big or goal too high. There is only the hustle to move forward and conquer whatever hurdle presents itself. 

Prison Art Collection

Pencil ARt

Realism meets elements of fantasy. The Prison art collection is a gallery of art work emulating to style of work often seen in the U.S. correctional system. All done in pencil with the primary subject being women. 


Language translating Headphones

In a world of global connection, Form aims to eliminate the language barrier with headphones that translate language in real time. Stylish and sleek, they are made for the young world traveler who looks to make connection internationally or just needs a high quality headphone for their tunes.  

Naughty Mouse

Slam poetry & Pulp non-fiction

A gritty take on history. Naughty Mouse brings historical accounts as it truly is and sugar coats nothing. 

The Chronicles of Two Worlds

Young Adult series

The Chronicles of Two Worlds is a six book young adult fantasy series starting with The Successor.

At Ease bnb

Bed & breakfast

The concept was to create a handlettered logo for a bnb. At Ease bnb is a place for those who want the comfort and coziness of home without having to be home. A home away from home. 

Michale Todd Designs


Michael Todd Designs is a brand tailored for those who are looking for modern elegence. 

Caliente Taco

Authentic Street Taco Shop

The concept was to develope a creative identity for an authentic street taco shop with a hint of Americanism. In the words of the client, it can’t be to Mexican, and can’t be too American.

Caffeine and Cannabis

Caffeine and Cannabis Fusion

By fusing caffeine and cannabis, Caffeine and Cannabis brings Coffee, Tea, and other products that incorperates the health benefits of elements. 

Testicular Cancer Awareness

Branding| Logo Design | Collateral DESIGN | Pocket FOLDER DESIGN | EMAIL Marketing Material

Campaign for testicular cancer awareness.

Paragon Magazine

Editorial Publication​

Paragon Magazine features young rising artistic talent in the Valley. It can be musicians, painters, glass sculptors, or street artists, paragon follows the talent and give rising artists an opportunity to showcase their work and tell their story. 

White Knight Transportation

Private Driver & Security​

The concept was to develop a logo for a luxury transportation and security service. The vibe is to be elite, masculine, and safe. 

Delta Funding Source

Financial Funding Source

As a service that specialized in funding the cannabis industry, medical industry, and small business, the brand needed to communicate professionalism and simple access and use. The cool blue of the brand is welcoming and soothing, while the typography conveys professionalism.


Ride share

ChaseRide is a ride share service based in Scottsdale, AZ. 

After Party Hookah

Hookah Catering

After Party Hookah is a luxury hookah catering service. The branding needed to be serious and high class, yet playful and fun. 

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